The Triangle Fire


The Triangle Fire documentary chronicles those remarkable times, when the rising forces of industry converged with the greatest mass migration in history. We explore the dramatic events of the late 19th, and early 20th century labor movement, that reached a crescendo with the Triangle shirtwaist factory fire of 1911.

This film examines the relationship between New York's rapidly growing metropolis, corrupt political infrastructure, an industry's desire for profit, and the human rights of its workers. Furthermore, the documentary investigates how we have adapted today, to those epic events that would forever change the fabric of our nation.


Roy Campolongo
Writer, Producer, Director

Roy has gained extensive film and television experience, working in a variety of positions, on independent feature films, educational programs, cable news and documentaries. He makes a living as a Director of Photography and Camera Operator. His camera work has been broadcast on network, cable and international television.

Following a burning desire to pursue his own projects; the Brooklyn born Campolongo founded Campo Films. Though there are a myriad of projects up his proverbial sleeve; Roy's current focus is producing The Triangle Fire documentary.


The Triangle Project has completed production on the documentary. We are currently in post-production, (the process of editing the film).

Thanks to everyone for your continued interest, participation and support.



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